Australian Promotional Products That Have Left Their Mark

Australian promotions are often underrated in Australia for their quality and content. Australia actually produces a lot of major brands known around the world, and the promotional process is the main reason they’re so well known. As a matter of fact, the “Australianization” of promotions has created a lot of major brand identities. Promotional products have been many and varied. From shrimps on barbies to Ugg boots, Fosters, Vegemite and Lexus cars, there is s a history of Australian products which have become household identities through promotion.

All things Australian- Promotional products that keep on selling

Australian promotions are very much lifestyle-based. The big names in Australian products are all linked to living-well in the true Australian sense. The famous brand name Eskies, for example, is a major promotional product. Any such product, to do with sport, all accessories, and any promotional image related to the iconic Australian sports, sells out.

The Australian image- A natural association in promotions

The appeal is in the association with lifestyle values. Australian products like Australian beers and foods all use promotional products in some form to advertise. This is a strong marketing relationship in which the Australian element is heavily featured. This is a sort of “two way branding”, in which the promotional product reflects the recipient’s values. The Fosters T shirt is considered Australian, as much as any sort of product promotion.

The commercial promotion approach

Promotional products are big business in Australia. A promotion company can order a whole suite of customized items online from major Australian suppliers, and set up a complete targeted promotional campaign easily. This flexibility in supply of promotional materials gives a lot of space for very effective creative marketing.

The unforgettable promotional products

Promotional advertising, marketing merchandising and promotional giveaways often combine to form unforgettable product identities:

Come on Aussie- This hook line created a huge range of promotional materials, everything from T shirts to songs, which then operated as strong selling material for promotion of both the campaign and the products.

The Boxing Kangaroo- The only kangaroo image which has persisted in Australian marketing other than QANTAS, the Boxing Kangaroo is a staple of the sports industry promotional materials.

Kids images- The Wiggles and Bananas in Pajamas are immovable and enduring fixtures on international kids promotions.

Australian Made- The distinctive logo has now been in service for decades, and is still actively

These iconic products are a good example of how promotional ideas translate into extremely strong promotional merchandise.

The most effective marketing combinations of Australian products all involve:

  • Strong brand presence creation
  • Good advertising materials tailored to the market
  • Good hook lines
  • A wide range of promotional product options based on the advertising

The range of promotional options is defined across market segments by the brand’s market identity. This branding approach is particularly useful for business promotional concepts where a specific market segment is being targeted. Creative marketing concepts really are the key to successful creative promotional methods.

10 Costly Mistakes When Buying Promotional Products

Nearly every business, whether large or small uses some type of promotional item to giveaway to their customers. The reason they do is because promotional products are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Buying promotional items should be an investment that brings a return on your money and NOT an expense. Here are the 10 most common pitfalls with businesses buying promotional products.

  1. Buying from Order Takers – The top mistake that most buyers make is going with an inexperienced company or with a company that takes no interest in helping your campaign succeed. To elaborate further, many promotional product distributors are interested only in the sale and not the well-being of your marketing campaign success. These distributors will gladly take your money but their customer service is lousy. Experienced distributors know that any future repeat business from their clients hinges directly on the successes of their campaigns, so any smart distributor is going to try to help their clients in every way possible to offer any suggestions to better their marketing efforts. Therefore, using a knowledgeable distributor will benefit you greatly with any campaign. It doesn’t make any sense to go with a company that is just simply offering a lower price on an item if they give no service, especially if you’re just talking pennies per item.
  2. Not Developing an Objective for Your Campaign – So what are you trying to achieve with your purchase of promotional items? Are you just going for brand awareness? Are you actually wanting to increase sales? Are you trying to get customer contact info for a mailing or telemarketer list? Are you using your giveaways as thank you gifts? Are you using the items are employee incentives? All of these are crucial questions that need answers because you must define the target audience and define what you action you desire. If you want to increase sales, you might want to use the item as a FREE gift with purchase. Or if you are wanting to thank your employees for a job well done, you will want to give them a premium item that they will keep and use often. If you are promoting brand awareness, you will want to get an item that is related to your product, brand, or service. A promotional products consultant can help you with creative ideas and it doesn’t cost you any extra for this service.
  3. Buying Trash – You don’t go through your neighbor’s garbage can and offer to buy his garbage and then give it away to your customers, so why buy useless junk that will end up in the trash can that same day. Don’t buy a 20 cent pen and expect people to jump up and down in excitement. A cheap item like that is likely to skip when writing, smear, and possibly not even write at all. Then all you have done is wasted your money and given your customers and potential customers a bad taste about your company. They get a cheap feel about your business and associate your service and products as cheap and useless.
  4. Being Stingy – I always love this one! I see people buying promotional products all the time, but they hoard the items in a closet and don’t give them away. They save them for “special people” or “special occasions” that never really come. The items stay boxed up in a closet and offer no marketing value. You’ve spent the money on the items, so now get some use out of them. An average promotional item is viewed by many more people than just the recipient. Therefore, one item has a lot of marketing power to affect multiple locations.
  5. No Contact Info – Having just your logo printed on items without contact information such as your website, address, or phone number is not usually recommended unless you are simply promoting brand awareness. Even if you are just promoting brand awareness and not trying to get orders from this marketing item, you should still at least have your website printed on the items, unless you have National or Worldwide recognition such as Microsoft.
  6. Wrong Item for Your Target Audience– So often I get calls from people wanting specific items, but when I question them about their intentions with the items, I find out the items are completely inappropriate for the recipients. You don’t want to have custom imprinted pocket knives and pass them out to kindergartners or give logo molded chocolate out at a diabetes seminar. Although, these examples are extreme, this drives the point home. Make sure you know who the recipients will be. If most will be elderly, give out something that age group can use. If they are a younger audience, make sure and give out something that will appeal to that generation. This simple concept is often overlooked and should be thought about carefully. In many instances, you may need to think about getting 2 or 3 types of items if you have a diverse crowd.
  7. Information Overload – Printing too much information on a promotional item is a no no. Often people want to print their business name, logo, address, website, phone number, fax number, and a tag line on a pen with a 1/2 in.x 1 in. imprint area. This of course makes no sense because with most promotional items, the imprint area is limited and the more you print, the smaller the imprint will be. What good does the imprint do if you need a magnifying glass to see it. Think about the pertinent info you need. Your logo, business name, phone number, and website is usually sufficient. Do you really need a fax number on a promotional item? Simpler is often better. Information overload will cause people to not read the info.
  8. No Tracking Method – Having a way to track the Return on Investment (ROI) is always a great idea with promotional products. You can use them like a coupon and include an exclusive discount or coupon code so that you will know exactly how many people placed an order or made a purchase that was directly related to this item. For example, bring this tote bag to the store to bag your items at checkout and receive a 5% discount. Or have a coupon code that says 10% off your purchase on our website by using promo code TAKE10. By doing this, you can measure results and know if this type of marketing is working for you. In order to be successful with your campaign, there is still a lot of other planning to do such as targeting the right audience with the right product.
  9. Giving Away High Dollar Items in Bulk – I have seen several companies (the ones with plenty of money to spend) giving away premium items to anyone they see. While premium items are very effective to giveaway to your top customers, I never recommend giving them away to just anyone. That is the quickest way to break the bank. Bulk items should be the lower cost items under $3.00 each.
  10. No Advance Planning – Make sure you order early enough in advance to avoid rush charges and expedited shipping charges. Most promotional products can take up to 2 weeks for production; however, you can get many products these days with free rush service, but you still may have to use 2-day or overnight shipping to get your items on time. This can be avoided with a little advance planning and ordering early enough. Why waste money on rush or expedited shipping fees?

Enhance Your Popularity in the Market Using Wholesale Promotional Products

Every company, big or small, looks for a profitable market for the sale of their products. The people who are running any type of business cannot expect the buyers to come and buy their products or get their services without knowing about them. The concept of global market has increased the chances of reaching the entire world market which can be very much beneficial for them. However, it is not an easy task to reach the world market without doing anything for the promotion of their products. As far promotion of these products and their services is concerned, it is done with the help of definite and well-thought marketing strategies. These strategies can be different as they depend upon the products and services that are offered by the promoting companies. The changing scenario of the marketing concepts from all over the world has increased the value of wholesale promotional products.

As far as the value of these wholesale products is concerned, they are unparallel. They are available at much less expenditure and their impact is certainly very high. These promotional products are very common but the way they are prepared and marketed can be different and that difference makes all the distinction. Today, the companies that are busily engaged in manufacturing of these products are very particular about maintaining the quality and standard of these products. The most common products of promotion include various things like bags, purses, shopping bags, T-shirts, tea mugs, table coasters, table mats, clocks, USBs and many more.

The companies that avail the popular wholesale promotional products are very particular about the quality of the products and their printing. With the tremendous amount of development in the printing technology, the manufacturers of these wholesale promotional products prepare high quality products with the help of embroidery, silk printing, and pad printing. The logos and name of the promoting companies along with their messages are printed or encrypted on these promotional products. The material of these products is also praiseworthy.

A large of companies are using these high quality products for enhancing the popularity of their companies and their products. With the increasing competition among the manufacturers of these wholesale promotional products, it is becoming cheaper each and every day. Moreover, the personalized and customized products are providing more scope to the promoting companies to avail more popularity among the common people who make the largest consumer market.