5 Reasons Why Fortune 500 Companies Buy Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Want to know why Fortune 500 companies purchase eco-friendly promotional products?

Here are 5 reasons why the titans of business rely on eco-friendly promotional items to further their brand.

The numbers don’t lie.

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the bottom line. It’s how we measure productivity – and ultimately how we measure our worth. Without an active advertising campaign, how will people know who you are and what you are selling?

If you wanted to get the word out about your business, you might take out a newspaper ad or purchase a radio slot. But according to the cost-per-impression data (numbers that evaluate your ROI), that would be the wrong move.

Did you know out of all the advertising mediums available, promotional items win hands down time and time again? Why is that?

Simply put, promotional products have staying power. Eco-friendly promotional products such as tote bags and wearables can create untold amounts of repeated exposure for your brand. That radio ad comes and goes in 15 seconds, while your newspaper ad camps out in the recycling bin.

When it comes to choosing the right eco-friendly promotional items for your next campaign, truly consider the utility of the item you are purchasing. Will it be relevant a year or two down the road? Does it retain shelf life in the mind of the recipient? Ask yourself these – and other – important questions. The answers are very revealing.

Understand the cycle of human nature.

Nothing tells your customers you are environmentally responsible than associating your brand with eco-friendly promotional products. Numerous studies conducted by the PPAI (Promotional Products International Association) and other independent third-parties have revealed customers entertain a high rate of recall (roughly two-thirds of people surveyed) with specific advertisers who actively promote with eco-friendly gifts. Repeated brand exposure forges a lasting impression. Reinforcement is a time-honored learning tool for animals – and humans are no exception.

Reduce your carbon footprint now

Eco-friendly promotional items can greatly reduce the carbon footprint your business leaves behind every workday. Everything from organic and biodegradable fabrics to biodegradable corn plastic to buttons that prevent computers from wasting kilowatts all help reduce your carbon footprint. Encourage your employees to spread the word by having them pass out eco-friendly giveaways to their family and friends. Choose recycled stock or seeded paper next time you have a large direct mail piece going out. It begins with an initiative and grows from there.

Don’t ignore your competitor’s moves

If you think green promotional products are a passing fad think again. A number of Fortune 500 companies have relied on green promotional items to further their brand’s image, so surely if big corporations with staying power are utilizing them why aren’t you? Case study after case study is being published by businesses that have noticed sustained growth and increased revenues simply by branding with green promotional products. Implement a strategy and move forward. Goodwill is contagious.

Knowledge is power

Do your research. Look at the different promotional items Fortune 500 companies use to further their brand. Know what makes a fabric organic or what the FTC classifies as acceptable “Green” marketing claims before you jump in and put your logo on the first eco-friendly promotional product you see. Choose items that align with your product or service. Attach a small recycled tag to your promo item that highlights ways your customers can save money by becoming more environmentally conscious. This valuable information might just make it on your customer’s fridge for months on end.

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Promotional Products Startup Guide For New Companies

If you have either bought or are starting a new business from the ground up, one of your most immediate needs is to establish your brand in the market place as soon as possible. Certainly one of the best and most cost effective ways to accomplish this is with the help of promotional products. However, I am not writing this article to convince you of the importance of using promotional products but rather to help you with the process of implementing this type of marketing approach. In this article, I will be discussing a kind of mental checklist that will be necessary to help make this process go much more smoothly for you. Keep in mind that I will be providing you a general rather than a comprehensive guide to the ordering process as with more than 850,000 promotional products and growing in our industry I could not in this small article cover all the necessary guidelines for ordering each product. Nevertheless, I will address some of the key considerations that will help you in the selection and ordering process for most promotional products.

One of the first areas in this process you must address is to come up with a budget. Your thinking here should be first to come up with a total budget and then to break that total budget into segments which should include a price range for each promotional product you want to order. Don’t forget to compensate for costs other than the actual product in your budget such as shipping, taxes, and any fulfillment costs that might be incurred in delivering or packaging the promotional item. As part of this budgetary process you will want to decide on how many different types of promotional items you will want to purchase. Once you have decided on how many promotional products you will be using in your marketing effort, you will need to figure out how many of each individual item you will want to order. This really then becomes more of a mathematical function of how many promotional items you will be ordering and how much you have budgeted for the entire promotional product program.

With the financial aspect of the promotional product program figured out your thought process should move to the marketing aspects so you can then zero in on the precise products that will accomplish your branding mission. This is where you need to begin to ask yourself some important questions. It is through the questioning process that you will define your entire approach to getting the appropriate and most effective promotional product and still stay within your budget. Questions such as: who will you be targeting with these promotional products? What is the message and impression you want the product to convey to the person receiving it? Where will the promotional product be given out? Although I can think of many more questions that I as a professional would ask to better define your goals lets limit it to these three very important questions for now. Let’s briefly discuss the first question: who will the products be given to? Actually this question can best be answered by asking and answering a series of other questions like: will the products be given to current customers or prospects? Will the products be given to men, women or children? What position does the recipient hold in an organization? These are just a few questions you will need to ask yourself in defining your target and thus determining an appropriate and effective promotional product. With regards to the second major question I presented concerning the message and impression you want to convey to your customer, you will need to examine why you are giving the promotional product out in the first place. Do you want to give the promotional product out to create awareness of a new product or service your company is introducing? Perhaps, you want to use it to directly boost sales and give it as a gift with purchase which we call a premium in the industry. There are many ways to help your business grow with the help of promotional products, in fact, to many to mention here in this article. But the way to find out how you can best use them is by questioning and understanding your own company’s needs. Finally, the last major question involves the logistics and the distribution of the promotional products. For example, where will the promotional products be given out? Will your sales people be giving out the promotional product during sales calls or maybe at a tradeshow? Maybe your company will be hosting a seminar and hand some products out there. Still another possibility would involve mailing out products to customers such as gifts acknowledging their support and creating good will and loyalty to your company and brand. However you choose to get the product to your marketing target distribution and logistics should be an important consideration in your decision to purchase certain promotional products.

Having touched on the marketing aspect of choosing to promote your brand with promotional products, it is now time to turn your attention to what essentially is the nuts and bolts part of the actual ordering process. This part of your marketing efforts involves specific choices that you will have to make regarding each product most of which have their own unique characteristics. Once you actually decide on a promotional product, things like size, color, specific features, and options available for that product should be thought out. You will then need to decide how you want to customize the product. Things like the number of ink colors you will want to imprint on an item, how many sides on a product will be imprinted and in the case of an embroidered product the size and location of the embroidery will come into play. Finally,you will need to make sure that you have your artwork done by a graphics professional who can put it in the proper format to submit for actual production. Although there are many products and possibilities for the creative and effective use of promotional products, with a little thought on your part the basic guidelines I have outlined in this article will provide you with a good starting agenda. Of course, a top professional promotional product supplier with extensive experience and the technology necessary can help and fill in the important missing gaps and take you the rest of the way to successfully completing your marketing mission.

4 Green Promotional Products That Say “We Care”

Green promotional products are a statement, and they’re also becoming very much part of the promotional merchandising landscape in terms of market share. Very strong demand is coming from business for real green promotional materials of all types. Many businesses are themselves strongly committed to green products, and insist on eco-friendly promotional materials.

The green profile issue is definitely affecting promotional products. Some businesses and their clients just won’t look at any promotional items which aren’t certified fully green. They also view very negatively any products which are obviously not environmentally friendly. This is a consistent market trend, and has expanded dramatically in recent years.

Custom green promotional products

A custom green promotional product needs to be well placed in terms of the audience. The green products are effective promotion of corporate or personal values, but they also work best on recipients who are inclined to be responsive to them.

One advantage of the this marketing approach is that it sends a very strong message. Customized products require more planning than the more conventional variety, but they can also be easily managed in terms of branding.

Corporate green promotional products

This is an area in which sensitivity in terms of promotional products is a primary consideration. Corporate green promotional initiatives can be very effective, and are also well positioned for establishing or reinforcing a market profile in terms of corporate image. They’re particularly useful in making a green policy statement.

In practice, green products are very popular in Australia. They represent cultural values, particularly when associated with local green industry products. The green products are also a strong positive in terms of supporting local manufacturers of these products, another good effect.

Solar products

Solar promotion products are the epitome of a truly green promotional idea. There are some excellent solar products on the market and they definitely qualify as high impact promotional methods. As promotional merchandise, solar products also equate to high value as useful long term promotional methods.

Low carbon footprint products

The sheer variety of low carbon footprint products is a particularly important consideration when selecting a promotional package or range.

These are a few examples of the very large range of green promotional options:

  • Recycled goods: A huge range of recycled consumer goods, particularly paper and plastics.
  • Sustainable goods: Bamboo memory sticks, jute bags, magnetic energy torches, water powered clocks,
  • Gadgets: Shower timers, computer power savers, solar powered universal chargers.
  • Packaging: Fabric satchels, carry bags, pet carrier bags, briefcase bags and shopping bags.

As you can see, the range is extensive, and there’s also a lot of new technology and new takes on old technology. Green promotional products are a combination of direct material and personal values and functionality. This is the archetypal profile of the best promotional items.